venerdì 17 aprile 2015

Commuting in Cork

Ok, now I'm giving away my little collection, I think I'd better think what to keep for myself to use.
Two weeks ago I packed up my Lancaster and some components, all new items (some not so much new but it's the same).
They're waiting back home to be shipped here in Cork.
In the meantime, I'm considering using a bike to commute to work (8km, roughly).
It can be done during all year, I believe. Winter is not so cold but rainy while springit incredibly mild ("welcome to Ireland" I was told).

Unfortunately I can see just old bunch of rust around the city center. Everyday, besides today. I spotted a beautiful Colnago with its peculiar frame, really, beautiful.
It was a pity that the owner locked the bike hitting hard its frame.

So, time to think about it (commuting, not Colnato, poor Colnago!)


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