domenica 22 marzo 2015


Ok guys, from now on, I'll try to post something new, something old, something blue and something borrowed in english.
I'll try to have it translated in Italian as well (for every new and tiny post) but I'll do my best to get something different.
So, first of all, please forgive all my bad mistakes.

As we just entered the spring (seriously?), I'm planning to bring here one or two bikes (not too bold! just one...).
I think that the best choice should be the Lancaster just because it has eyelets for rack or mudguards (Adri, that's for you!). Not to mention, of course it is made out of titanium and as long as we have just some tiny bit on humidity here...

No, just kidding. The real issue is that: my other option would be the Paduano but that's limited by wheel size. It only accept 26 tyres (and not too big). Instead on the Lancaster I've used 26, 27 and CX wheelset (I really love the CX setup on my Lankie).

Lanc is now already packed up, as sole frame, to be shipped somewhere (I was on the edge of selling it...) but it's still in my shed. I'd need a big bunch of components to have it ready to rumble.

I believe I'll have to work hard on Easter (when I'll be back home) to have it ready to be shipped.


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