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Kona Hei Hei - Drop bar

Since the beginning of March I've got back my old Kona Hei Hei 2-9.
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This was an old 2009 model that I bought in 2012 (in used state).
I barely used it, back in the days. I raced just once with that (the year after I raced on a fully Rigid Niner EMD with a drop bar...) and cycled around my place a couple of times.

Once I got it back, I tried to sell it on the web but did't have any success so far.
I decided to move it a little bit on the road-ish side, as there is no real offroad here where I live. I had basically everything besides some good road disc calipers. Bought on Evans a pair of Shimano calipers and on Merlin Cycles a Tiagra brifters kit (were on sales, triple setup... why not).

The result is somehow close to some of the latest gravel experiment (plus size, slacker angles) due to the fact that this Kona is very old style. It has steeper angles (compared to modern MTBs), limited travel (80mm front, less than 90 rear).
The bigger issue may be the chainstays which allow a very limited choice of chainrings. Going 1x, the biggest ring is around 38 (to stay on the safe side).

I used the SLX chainset with a 38 narrow wide setup (taken from my Van Nicholas) with a 10s cassette (11-28... I know, I had a used chain which was too short for anything bigger than 28). Deda handlebar is 46cm wide (I don't really like flared bar), Tektro levers with Shimano 10s bar end shifters and it's done.
I didn't want to use the new Tiagra brifters just because I may not like this peculiar setup.
I expect to use it for everything, perhaps for a century next month.

Here are some pics:

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